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The cats are fed twice a day unless otherwise requested with the exception of more mature cats and kittens who have different requirements.  A varied menu is provided so as to cater for likes and dislikes and clean fresh water is provided every day. Only best quality food and biscuits are used. Dried food can be provided but if your cat is on a special brand that we do not keep or on a prescription diet then you may supply this but please ensure it is in an airtight container clearly marked with your cat’s name and clear directions on the amount to be given. Feeding plates and drinking bowls are supplied and you are welcome to bring a few treats if you wish.

Health & Insurance


All cats must be vaccinated against Feline Enteritis and Upper Respiratory Infection (Cat Flu).  The Leukaemia vaccination (Fel.V) is recommended for all cats that are used to being outdoors but this is not a compulsory requirement for boarding.

We are unable to accept any cat for boarding without an up to date Vaccination Certificate issued by a Veterinary Practice which must be produced at the time of admission.

The first time your cat is vaccinated two injections are given three weeks apart. Your cat is not permitted to board until 4 weeks after the date of the second vaccination. An annual booster is then required to keep immunisation up to date. Once the immunisation has lapsed your Vet may advise you to restart with the two vaccinations and the 4 week boarding restriction applies.


Please note that in order to protect the health of all cats who are boarded with us no cat suffering from or suspected of suffering from any infectious or contagious disease will be accepted. The proprietors reserve the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of illness pending advice from a Vet.

Please ensure that worming and flea treatments are up to date.

We are happy to administer medication prescribed by your Vet at no extra charge but this is carried out at the owner’s request and for which no liability is accepted.

Continuity of care is ensured by the same people looking after the cats every day which means they get to know them and are able to recognise problems quickly should they arise.  If a cat does fall ill in the owner’s absence a veterinary surgeon will be contacted straight away and any necessary treatment will be administered.


All cats boarded with us are covered by insurance for veterinary fees with Pet Plan Ltd at no extra charge. This will apply for Veterinary treatment  whilst your cat is boarded with us for a non pre-existing condition(terms and conditions apply).To cover pre existing conditions we recommend that you arrange for your own pet insurance.

Whilst all possible care and attention is given it is clearly understood that all the cats are boarded at the Owner’s risk and upon acceptance of the terms.

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